heechul’s never seen nipples before.


[TRANS] 周觅_SJMFrom the Philippines, we’ve reached Japan! [twist] Kyu said: Hyung, you’re very handsome. I replied, “Of course.” I said, “You look really good in this photo. Kyu said, “I am originally handsome!” ==’ (c)

he called siwon to flaunt his celebrity status but…


Because all Kyuhyun knows is his Masita lines

special thanks to @atomi2t for the Thai translation :)


Kyuhyun having wayyy too much fun imitating.. himself.. 


So that explains this, thisthis. Crazy Cho, high on fans’ passion  

kyuhyun enjoyed trolling fans a little too much ㅋㅋ

Kyuhyun fanboy ♥